Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vision trip luncheon pictures

Monday saw our department setting up for another Vision Trip luncheon with the senior management. Sarah was off because she had worked the weekend, so it was just Gabriella, Kathy, Caitlin, and me.

I got stuck serving for the luncheon and had to don my uniform, actually put on makeup and look nice... that is one of the advantages to working behind the scenes, no one cares how you look! Caitlin and I are showcasing the dessert of the day, a lemon berry trifle courtesy of Kathy's amazing cooking skills using whatever ingredients are on board. :)

setting up the Queen's Lounge

clearing the tables afterwards... Caitlin's always so photogenic!

Gabriella washing dishes in the little kitchenette just off the Queen's Lounge

We always get to eat the leftovers once we're done cleaning up. This week's menu was salmon, rice pilaf, peas, green salad, and the lemon-berry trifle

Caitlin's 24th birthday was the day before and so we all celebrated on Monday. Kathy always seems to just happen to have enough extra desserts for all of us girls. :)

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