Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodbye party for Sarah at Sarakawa

Yesterday, Kathy arranged for us to take the afternoon off and spend time at Sarakawa--the amazing resort about 5 minutes down the road. It was Sarah's last day in the department and Kathy got permission to treat us all for lunch. :)

At 11am I handed the pager off to the Chief Steward, and we all piled into a Land Rover. We had to fill up at the petrol station just outside the port and then got caught in traffic.. made for some good pictures of the road-side attractions!
(there are NO lanes here...)

(gotta love the entire engine open to the outside... and being able to see the cooling fan wobbling around...)

(I think this is a form of public transportation... idk!)

When we finally got to Sarakawa, we headed straight for the pool out back and ordered lunch from the pool-side cafe...then came out the Phase Ten cards as we waited for our food.

(these little guys are about 8" long... and they are ALL over!)

(view out to the beach)

(the lush gardens/landscaping at Sarakawa)

We stayed there until about 4pm when we headed back to the ship and arrived just in time to get in the crew-wide photo that the Communications Department took immediately following the fire drill--which we conveniently skipped! It was such a fun afternoon to relax, enjoy time together without any work stress, and to unwind after the thank you function.

We scanned back in and then Kathy reminded us that we needed to bring the laundry down and put it all away in the linen room. And then Caitlin and I saw the HUGE stack of tablecloths that will have to be ironed this next week or two...

...then Kathy told us to push it off until next week!

This morning at 9am we said goodbye as Sarah left for the airport on her way back to the States. Mixed feelings all around... it's good to be moving on, but hard to leave the Mercy Ships family behind.

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