Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is my favorite spot on the ship. Starboard aft deck 7... used as the preschool kids' play area during the school year, but virtually unused now. Today was a rough day because of two things: 1) I was running on less than 3 hours of sleep. (Got to bed later than usual and tossed and turned all night.) 2.) Our department said goodbye to Caitlin P. who is returning home to Seattle after 5 months of service here.

About 2pm I just couldn't handle it any longer and took my afternoon break early. I came out here and swung for who knows how long and just thought.

Swings are not just for children... but really, I am always someone's child.

Just because the swing holds me when I sit in it doesn't guarantee that it will continue to hold me once I start swinging. But if I sit there in fear, then I will never get to swing.

When you're a "big girl" there's no one to push you anymore. But isn't that why Dad taught me how to push with my legs... because he knew that he wouldn't always be there every single time I need him in life. 

It may be hot outside, but start swinging and I end up creating the breeze that keeps me cool.

I can push/pull on the chains to make myself go, but it's more efficient to use the "big muscles" in my legs.

When I go too high there's a built-in "warning system" that snaps you back down into the seat at the height of each swing. Go too much higher and it gets scary.

Don't jump off a moving swing. Wait for it to slow or drag my feet to slow down faster, but don't ever jump off.

*Seems like today God had a lot to teach me about swings... and life*


  1. I spent a lot of quiet time with God when I was a little girl swinging on my swing. It hung from a huge oak tree. I would lean back in the swing & I could see the blue sky & clouds peeking through the massive branches and green leaves. I too love sunsets. No one can paint a sunset like God can, & each one is different than the one the day before! Katie- we have many things in common, I think I'll adopt you as one of my many "Foster Children":-) Becky Foster

  2. K, swings are meant to hold you securely as you reach into places you have never before traveled. You used to need to hold on to Dad's hands; they are still there if you need them. Now, you realize that you are forever safe within God's arms, too. Keep swinging! Mom

  3. Katie!
    At last I have found your blog!! (thanks to your daddy) You're so matter how old I'll get, swings will always have a very special place in my almost brings me back into the past, & I feel like I'm a lil kid again...

    I pray that you will get more sleep tonite, & that you will be a bright light for Christ & an encouragement to all thos around you!!
    Love & Hugs,

    PS The ATI conference was so good...I missed you, but I know you're serving God where you are.