Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please pray for peace here in Togo. We expect more and larger protests this week, all somewhat centering around the rising gas prices (go figure). Shore leave may be canceled (aka we're stuck on this floating box), but things are still uncertain. At least this week we are preparing for any disturbances, unlike last week when it was a bit of a surprise.

A SIM missionary family from northern Togo (I've met them through a friend) is planning on coming down to Lome for a few weeks' retreat. They are planning on visiting me/the ship this weekend, but that may all be cancelled because the protests/road blocks are expected to be nation-wide. I would love to meet this family in person and I know they are all looking forward to some time at "the beach," so pray that things settle down SOON!

Again, we are all safe. Everything's fine. The Captain and Chief Security Officer are amazing. God is in control. Just please pray.

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