Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hospitality Department

So, this is my lovely team. Gabriela is long-term crew and is from Slovakia. "Roses," short for Rosemary, is from the UK and spent many years in Nepal growing up. The other four of us are from "the States." Caitlin W.'s from Seattle, and Caitilin W.'s from Rhode Island, I believe. Sarah's actually from Tyler, and we've had a few good laughs about small town life. Kathy's the department head and Roses was the Head Hostess. She's now switching over to be Dining Room Manager and Gabriella will replace her.

It's a bit funny to have a department of all girls, but we don't mind at all. And my height makes me perfectly suitable for making top bunks, getting boxes off shelves, and putting pitchers away in the top cupboards! 

*Who needs guys when you get to work with these amazing ladies all day!*

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