Monday, June 28, 2010

Quantity and Quality

Today was all about quantity...

I cleaned and set up 3 guest cabins by myself this morning. It takes about an hour to get all the old linens/towels out and up to the laundry room (deck 6), wash the mugs/cups in the crew galley (deck 6), clean the bathroom with supplies from the linen closet (deck 5), remake the beds with sets of pressed linens from the Hospitality office (deck 5), and refill the coffee/tea-making supplies from the dining room (deck 5)... lots of running from one end of the ship to the other. :-)

This afternoon I made 4 batches of pumpkin bread... it made 5 loaves and 36 muffins. We had a #10 can of pumpkin and we pretty much have to use it all at once. That's perfect because the Chaplaincy is planning a ship-wide women's event Saturday morning and we're providing refreshments.

This evening I finally had a chance to attend the Monday night aerobics group in the International Lounge. We move 5 rows of chairs and put in a DVD on the two huge projection screens. I definitely did not do all the moves the "correct" way, but it's all about quantity and keeping moving/HR up, not movement quality, right? :) I am going to be SO sore tomorrow... not looking forward to climbing all those stairs...

But I'm reminded that even though we do things on a huge scale here on the ship, it all has to be done right. Most of the guests that come in have never been here before... and in Hospitality we are in charge of first impressions. The beds must be made correctly, the chrome bathroom fixtures have to be free from water spots, the cookies they get when they check in must be fresh, their tour must be done thoroughly and professionally (OK, the tour's a maritime requirement, not a Mercy Ships one)...

*it's all about quantity... and quality*

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  1. Katie,
    I look at your blog everyday. It always makes me smile. I would love to know you...I feel like I do! I just listened to your playlist, I really like your choices(most I've never heard) One of my favorites is "Just wanna praise you" by Mary Mary-this is my praising, raising hands, dancing to the Lord song! :-)