Thursday, June 10, 2010

The final day

Well the countdown above is ominously inside the 24 hr mark... And surprisingly, I find I'm ready to leave...

* 4 of the 6 graduate school applications are done and in the mail

* The other two applications aren't online yet and I'll get Mom to mail in all the forms for me

* Mom and I altered a black skirt last night--we just found out that I will be wearing black skirts with my uniform shirt whenever I'm on duty

* Everything's packed--and within the 50 lb weight limit

* Got the passport, etickets, yellow fever vaccination card, and visa waiver forms all ready

* My room's cleaned and ready for the girl who will be spending the rest of the summer with my family

* All my "stuff" for college is packed and sitting in (a ton of ) boxes in the living room so Mom can take me directly from the airport down to Texas A&M

* And I have directions printed out to get to Abi's house bright and early tomorrow morning to pick up her and Jenny

So, I guess the next time I post I'll be aboard the Africa Mercy... pray for a safe and uneventful journey!

(20 hours and 42 minutes to go!)

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