Sunday, August 8, 2010

When in Africa... dress like the Africans!

Wolanyo is a day volunteer who worked as a translator with the eye team for the first few months of the field service; now he works in the galley. He is an incredible tailor and he is the one who made my dress.

Because I had plans to go to Kpalime this past weekend I was sad that I wouldn't be able to wear my dress to African church. But on Friday Kathy said that we could wear African attire as we served for the day volunteer thank you reception! :)

(Kathy's my adopted mom...)

(the entire Hospitality department!)

(Julie and me... the only two girls left in 3420!)

(Gabriela and I sat down to rest for a second, Julie snapped the pic, and then Gabriela proceeded to try to shove me off the piano bench!)

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