Monday, August 2, 2010

Sarakawa, Sparks, sunburns, and sights & sounds

Today was heavenly. Woke up at 9:30am, grabbed a piece of leftover banana/chocolate chip bread from the dining room, and a double vanilla white americano from the Starbucks cafe. Amazing devos.

Went to Deck 8 to journal some... ended up there for 2 hours and got kinda burnt.

At lunch Abi said she wanted to go to Sarakawa this afternoon so we went to the Ship Shop to buy passes for the pool. Met up with Jenny at 2pm and walked the ~1.5 miles to Sarakawa. Spent 3 hours in the sun studying for the GRE and reading one of Nicholas Sparks' novels. Learned several things: SPF 30 doesn't cut it, girls can sometimes be loquacious (GRE vocab word), and all of Sparks' books are completely predictable!

We got back just in time for dinner. Mexican food. So happy. 

Then I got a tour of the engine rooms on decks 1 and 2. Michele, the Chief Engineer. We became friends a few weeks ago when I noticed his A&M baseball cap at the same time he noticed my Aggie ring. His two children go to A&M Galveston and are studying Marine Engineering Technology. Anyway, I've wanted to see what it was like on deck 2 aft (forward deck 2 is the weight room and a few cabins) and deck 1. Here's what it looks like!

(this cracked me up... living at ALERT I know all too well about sewage treatment plants)

(don't mess with these things. Watertight doors are NOT cool!)

(the engine room shop... "the hospital" for sick engine parts) 

(I think a few kitchens could use the warning to disable the smoke alarm before cooking!)

(there are 6 engines, but two of them that look like this have been hooked up to the generators to provide all of the ship's electricity)
(the lovely incinerator for all the hospital trash, waste oil, and oily rags. The hospital trash--including sharps--cannot be taken to the local landfills where people scrounge through the rubbish. So, everything is burned at 1000C)

(one of the two harbor generators. VERY noisy and hot.)

(one of the four other engines used for propulsion. Now resting quietly)

(the fuel intake centrifuge. The fuel we get here is fairly dirty and often has a good bit of water vapor... death to engines)

(the fuel injection system)

(control panels in the engine control room--Deck 2)

(only one harbor generator running now... we're using 1000 kWh per hour right now... those units sound weird... kWh^2?)

(guess who makes the air conditioning system?)

(the chiller for the AC system)

*good day...*

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  1. great pics! As a southern gal, let me say that all that ole engine stuff just balows my little pea-picken mind! Peraaaaise the Lard that he made a heap of folks to be sooo suummaarrt!
    Also You little chickadees just look sooo diviiine with those little pink noses, & I simply adooore the flowers just danglin' from those terees! Drink down one of those lucious Staarbuucks coffees for me, Ok huuney!:-)