Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God's Will

How do you know when you're following the will of God? One of the ways is when He confirmed things through "circumstances." Or more like incredible God-moments that just could not have been planned any better.

These last two weeks have been full of such God-moments; let me share a few with you...

Last Tuesday, I was standing in the hall outside my Anatomy & Physiology classroom waiting for class and randomly looking at the bulletin board on the wall. On the section advertising summer internships for students in the biology field there was a brochure for Mercy Ships!

Three weeks ago, the first day of Anatomy & Physiology lab, my TA asked each of us to introduce ourselves, share our career goals and say what we were doing for the summer. I said I was going to West Africa to work on a hospital ship this summer and my TA asked if it was with Mercy Ships! She has never been to the 
Africa Mercy but has supported several crew members over the years.

When I mentioned that I wanted to be a physical therapist at a missionary hospital in Nigeria, the guy sitting next to me (who is now one of my lab partners) asked if it was the Evangel hospital in Jos on the SIM missions compound! His family served with SIM for several years in Nigeria and he grew up there!

This past weekend at the Renewal conference for the South Central regional Navigators I was talking with one of the staff guys that serves here at A&M. We were again talking about summer plans and I was attempting to convince him that I could not do a Navigator-sponsored summer program; I already had firm plans. :-) I said I was working with Mercy Ships and he asked if I knew a girl named Allison Green who is working in the OR on board! One of my friends back home told me about her last year and I've Facebooked with Allison a little since then. Small world!

And then I've started to find checks in my mailbox... God is confirming, God is providing, God is leading... to Togo!