Sunday, August 8, 2010

600 pink sheets

Ali and Alison are two nurses that I've gotten to know first through their blogs, and now through living with them aboard. I've enjoyed reading their blog posts in recent weeks; learning about nurse life and seeing regular crew life through their eyes!

Surgeries stopped two weeks ago. The hospital shut down this past week. And there are 600 pink sheets left. Each one of these sheets represents a patient that we were not able to see, could not get in contact with, or was not a candidate for surgery. And when I read both of their blog posts I started to cry.

There is something that YOU can do for these 600. Go to either of their blogs and comment with your email address. They will email you one of the names for you to pray for. At this point, we cannot help them physically, but we can join with the nurses aboard and storm heaven on behalf of these 600.



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