Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break '11 in Africa

So, I'm back in Africa. Back to my old summer stomping grounds of Lomé, Togo. (Check out for some background info on why I'm here again)

We left Dallas Monday late afternoon and got into Lomé Tuesday night. (I'm 5 hours ahead right of Central Time right now) The hotel here is wonderful--better than I was expecting--and I slept like a rock last night. I'm sorry, economy plane seats just don't cut it!

This morning it was breakfast with Samuel, a local pastor and liaison with EQUIP. He took us to his church's compound and recorded an interview with Mom and Dad to air on the radio this afternoon and promote the leadership conference which will be held Friday and Saturday. 
L to R: English-->French translator, Dad, Mom, Samuel, French-->Ewe translator

Samuel's church building

"Jesus is Lord"

Dad and Samuel at the front of the church building

View out of my hotel room's window. Traffic is usually flooding the streets.

Typical building: shops on the bottom, unfinished but inhabited top floors


  1. You're back! I LOVE it! Fantastic pictures. I'm praying for you all, I hope it's a beyond fantastic time. Bendiciones! =)

  2. woohoo! what an exciting time! amazing that your parents are in your world! impact lives, soak up the sunshine. :)

  3. So happy you are back where you love to be!!!! Thanks for keeping us posted...hope it is a simply wonderful spring break! Much love to you...