Sunday, March 20, 2011

(Day 3) Conference day one...

The conference started at 9am (that is, 9am "African time" which really means about 9:45am) with singing and prayer. There were about 250 pastors from 81 churches all over Lome, from central and northern Togo, and also from Benin (the country directly to the west of Togo). We ended about 1pm when it got rather hot! Life in Togo goes from daybreak to about noon, then 4pm until mid-evening.

Pastor Samuel then took us to a lovely restaurant in the heart of the market. We asked to buy some fruit for our evening meal and we left with a large bunch of bananas, mangos, and a jar of roasted peanuts. 

(close-up of a little friend at the fruit stall. He's about 12" long, but most of the lizards here are not as pretty: see picture in previous post)

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