Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's just that kind of day...

Some days you just need pie. (Not that I would turn down a polka dot elephant bringing me pie, but I'd be OK with just pie.)

I had that kind of day last week. 

I just needed a homemade pie.

It was just the kind of day that needed apple pie. 

My mother had foreseen that this day might come, so she made sure I packed a pastry cutter in among the various kitchen utensils I brought.

The various people who've lived in this same apartment over the years have been so kind as to accumulate a collection of dishes and kitchen tools--including a pie dish and a rolling pin.

The provision shop around the corner sells Simas, a margarine-like product made in Indonesia that's sold in 250g packets. It's not Crisco, but it works.
The produce lady at the corner sells apples. There are only two varieties here in Nigeria; gala and golden delicious. Neither one of them is a great apple for pie, nor are they cheap at N200 ($0.50) each, but they work.

I may not understand Nigerian culture and customs, but I understand baking. I may not be able to read in Hausa yet, but I can follow a recipe. And when my brain is fried from culture adjustment, there's something comforting about knowing that the recipe for "double-crust pastry" from Better Homes & Gardens red and white plaid cookbook is going to work.

It was a good day for pie crust. Maybe it had to do with it being hot season and being 93* in my house, even with the fan going. Maybe it had to do with the Nigerian flour that always seems to need an extra 1/4c of liquid in any baking recipe. Maybe it was the Simas. Maybe God just knew I needed something to come out correctly.

It was delicious.

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