Saturday, January 28, 2017

Walking with Jesus

"What's it like to walk with Jesus through that?"

This has become sort of a mantra in my Growth Group. All four of us are completely different; we have a recent college grad headed to Europe to work with youth, a married mother of 4 headed to Ireland, and a single mother of two teenagers who is headed to Asia, and me. We often share things we're learning or things going on in our lives that don't have a clear resolution or a simple answer. We're learning to not discount each other's experiences and journeys with God, or step in and offer advice we don't have. We share truth, we share tears, we share dark chocolate, and we share Jesus.

When confronted with a hard situation, an inter-personal situation that seems to be forever unresolved, a huge joy that makes my heart sing, a problem I can't puzzle my way out of, or when all I see is chaos and mess--what does it mean to walk with Jesus through that?

Sometimes I don't know What Would Jesus Do? Sometimes I don't know how to view it from God's perspective. Sometimes I don't know how to see what God might be doing in my life through this situation. But I can learn to walk with Jesus through it.

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