Monday, August 15, 2016

Pre-field Training #2

A lot has happened in the last two months and I'm slowly checking items off of the "pre-field training track" that I have from SIM.

The biggest thing is that my dad and I went on a trip to check out three different SIM hospitals in Nigeria and Niger so that I could meet the staff, see the hospital locations, and discuss the administration's dreams for their ministry. I'll be writing more about the trip over the next few posts, but I have selected a location and now I'm finalizing paperwork to make it official!

I've finished revisions on the patient case study required to earn my Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy and now I'm awaiting the committee's final decision! Soon I'll start writing the case study to earn the other certificate in pregnancy and postpartum PT.

I've had a bit of trouble finding language courses or books in Hausa, the local language of the people in Nigeria and Niger. I've found one computer course on the basics of the language, but I'm discovering that I'll definitely have to spend a few months with a language helper once I arrive on the mission field! In a few months I'll attend a course on language acquisition skills that will help me successfully find a language helper and will teach me tips and tricks to learn a language as an adult.

I've also been reading quite a few interesting books... all of which have been good!

 What's So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey
 What Missionaries Need to Know About Burnout and Depression by Esther Schubert
 Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis
 The Boy who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
 Gods of Power by Philip Steyne
 And the Word Came with Power by Joanne Shetler

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