Sunday, May 28, 2017

African Flora

I had taken some beautiful pictures of some of the flowering trees when they were in full bloom a few weeks ago... but then I lost my phone and lost all the photos that weren't backed up to cloud storage. Oh wells...

This is a Jacaranda tree. It comes in yellow:
Photo Credit
It comes in purple:
Photo Credit
And it comes in red:

When in full bloom, it looks like this:
Photo Credit

This is a Frangipani tree, also called a Plumeria.

They come in many colors:
Photo Credit

Credit: Richard Snyder

On one side of my compound, we have a whole wall of bougainvillea. Purple, dark pink, and red--I love it!

And then there's this lovely cactus-y thing that if  you let it grow can become a whole tree! We have this pot on our "front porch"

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