Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back at school...

I moved back to school yesterday. My room is still a mess, but at least I found my class schedule just in time for my first class tomorrow at 9:35am! :-)

June 13th, the date I am scheduled to leave, seems so far away! It's 12 credit hours, tons of tests, and a monstrous number of cafeteria meals away.

Christmas break was a wonderful time to start checking stuff off the to-do list... immunizations (never get 5 in one day, by the way!), checking airfares, compiling addresses of potential prayer and financial supporters, talking with my church's missions committee, and lots of prayer!

Now it's back to homework, studying, co-leading Bible study, peer advisor meetings and responsibilities in the dorm, and lots of late nights. But this is where He has me for now...

investing in the lives of my fellow students and working on my mission fields of Lechner Hall, A&M, and College Station, TX!

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