Tuesday, May 4, 2010

powering the heart of the "big white ship of hope"

I came across this article thanks to Google Alerts. :-) MAN Diesel & Turbo Engines is providing 4 new generators for the Africa Mercy. These generators will increase overall efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The ship was designed as a rail ferry in 1980 and now needs newer equipment to keep up with the increased demands for reliable power. I've heard from old crew that the generators are incredibly noisy and they cannot wait for the new ones to be installed! :-)

After its field service in Togo is up in August, the Africa Mercy will sail for South Africa to install the new generators. Abi, Jenny, and I won't be sailing with them to South Africa; our school semesters are starting soon after we're scheduled to return on August 15th. :-( We won't get to experience the ship's new powerhouse, but maybe next summer???

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